What Mustang Island TX has to Offer

What Mustang Island TX has to Offer Mustang Island is one of the uniquely looking islands in America. It is a major barrier island on the Gulf coast of Texas. The 29km island is...

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Natural Landscape Of Mustang Island In Texas

Natural landscape might be the one thing that is the most under appreciated thing when you talk about the state or country’s riches, and with a great county such is Texas, it’s...

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Different kinds of fishing near the beaches of Mustang Island

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Fishing from land or water

If it’s your first time fishing in south Texas, there are some factors you need to know in order to make it fun. Below are some important things to consider when planning a fishing trip.

Everyone who loves fishing, loves to be outside enjoying nature, but you have to make sure you go where the fish are. Obviously you want to bring fishing gear, food items and clothes. Having said that, there’s some other stuff that a good deal of folks neglect bringing with them on a fishing trip.

If you plan on catching fish to keep, make sure you buy a cooler. Bringing one with some ice, icepacks or even frozen drinking water bottles is vital, since this is what you’ll use to retain the freshness of your catch and keep fish chilled so that they don’t go bad.

Even if you think you have everything you need, its always good to bring some emergency cash. Other than being very important for emergencies, you would need this just in case you break something and need to replace it.  Even though some casual fishing enthusiasts decide to go fishing from the land or pier, some people love to go all out and select one of the aransas pass fishing guides to bring them out on the water where the best fishing spots are located. When you have a really good time, its good etiquette to tip your boat captain. You won’t have to worry about medication for sea sickness, because the waters around Mustang Island are very calm.

Its important to remember that if you plan on going out on your own boat in an area with choppy water with high winds, then it would be a good idea to bring a first aid kit.
Make sure to pack band-Aids, stomach drugs, tissues, and disinfectant spray, just so in case you have an accident. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you do not go out alone, and if you want to be extra careful, make sure that more than one person knows how to operate a boat. If you do decide to go out on a boat, then you want to make sure you have everything you need.


Try and think hard about the time of day that you want to go fishing. You can pick a specific time of day to schedule your charter.
For example: early morning or late afternoon. If you have an event, you can even plan night outings. You can also do this if you’re the
night owl type that may not want to be back again to shore until the wee hours of the morning.

If you are planning on going out late at night all through the colder months, then make sure you bring a thermos that is full to the brim with steaming tea, hot chocolate or coffee.

The terrific thing with fishing is that in some cases you can get freebies on the side. Other than catching fish out on the waters, you may also see some dolphins too. Sometimes you can get close enough catch a glimpse of birds that are chasing each other. However, its never a guarantee that it will always be like this, considering factors like location, temperature, time of day and
how many people are out on the water.

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What Mustang Island TX has to Offer

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What Mustang Island TX has to Offer

beach 9_30_08 019sMustang Island is one of the uniquely looking islands in America. It is a major barrier island on the Gulf coast of Texas. The 29km island is well known for its tourist attractions and its sandy amazing beaches. It boasts of a town in the name of Port Aransas which occupies a whole third of the island. Mustang Island has for a long time and still is a must-go destination for people especially during spring breaks.

Due to the uniqueness of the location of the island, it receives many tourists. One of the major attractions that it boasts of is fish. There are numerous types of fish which can be fished all round the year. The abundance of fish here makes anglers and other fish lovers throng every corner of the land. The island is also a major attraction destination for both animal lovers and conservationists. Not long ago, conservationists started an intensive turtle hatchling program. This program is supposed to help the island become the home to some of the most endangered turtles in the world.

SharkNumberOneMustang Island has a long and enthralling history. It was discovered in the 1500s by a Spanish explorer. By that time, it is presumed that the only people who had ever lived there were the Karankawa Indians. After the discovery by the Spaniards, the island was populated with horses. This
led to the island being called ‘wild horse’. The name later changed to Mustang in the late 1800s. The island has a history of being the top destination for Mexicans who wish to make their own fortune and at times get someone else’s.

The fun to have on Mustang Island is irrefutable. Thousands of tourists flock the ships and boats heading to the island. The main reason for this is the simple fact that it presents one of the largest pools of fish. It is also the ideal destination for a tourist who loves water tournaments and all manner of racing in the water. Moreover, fishing as a sport is top on what the island is known for.

download (1)There are laws that govern the general conduct of people on the island. This has become necessary because people come to have fun and over the years, the influx of the population, especially during summer breaks, has posed problems for the local authorities. For this reason, you will find that there are rules which are unlikely to be found anywhere else; at least in the USA.

As from 2001, it is illegal to operate a boat while intoxicated. As the laws of the island state, if you are caught operating a boat while drunk or in any way intoxicated, you are risking having your driver’s license suspended. Of course, you will be arrested and arraigned in a court of law. This law was introduced to help the authorities help curb accidents and lawlessness especially where boats of more than 50hp are involved. Despite the laws which are of course necessary, the island remains one of the best-known secrets for many people.

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Natural Landscape Of Mustang Island In Texas

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Natural Landscape Of Mustang Island In Texas

Natural landscape might be the one thing that is the most under appreciated thing when you talk about the state or country’s riches, and with a great county such is Texas, it’s hard not to get shadowed, even for the magnificent natural life here.

For centuries, the landscapes of Texas were the inspiration for people that lived there, and it might be a part of the reason for the turbulent history of the state, might be the rockiest state in the US, by some. Texas has always drawn various people to its land and it is a small wander when you see what kind of land it is. IF you are a nature lover and also happen to share the love for fishing, then we might have a perfect summer escape option waiting for you, right here and right now.

Meet the Mustang Island, Texas, a beautiful beach paradise located on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. It is connected to all major cities like Austin, Huston and San Antonio and they are all more or less the same distance from it – a good, long drive. If you wish to skip the car marathon, you shall be delighted to hear that Mustang Island is connected to the land with a great airport, called Mustang Beach Airport and their helpful staff and amazing airplanes will make your stay and travel that much better and more pleasant.

Mustang Beach is a classic romantic getaway that provides all the perks of the beach town with some Texas hospitality thrown in as a bonus. But another great thing for all the nature and fishing lovers will be the famous Mustang Island State Park. And why do I say famous? Well, aside from it being a beautiful natural beach and ocean view, offering a great experience and relaxing backdrop for your quite day or playground for the tireless children, there is another hidden perk of this park: no fishing license required.

That is right, you heard me well you can just pack your bag, go for a walk and then just take a swing at the oceans fishing luck.

There is nothing better than enjoying the beach and sand, listening the sounds of ocean while looking at the water waiting for the fish to bite.

There are many activities for you on the Island: shops, restaurants, fast-food and amusement parks so your family might not even notice if you escape and enjoy the fishing session.
Fishing is far away from the only thing you can do here, all your friends that aren’t much into fishing are free to enjoy some of the many activities available at the site. For starters, there is a five miles of coast waiting just for you, so you are sure to find a hidden spot for sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling. Also – there is a paddle trail if you are into paddling or even surfing for the ones with the extreme inclinations. There are numerous camp sites where you can stay and enjoy for a day or two and you are sure to have a good time exploring nature around the Mustang Beach.

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